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BIONICS (Lithuania) is an experimental music and visual trio.

BIONICS (Lithuania) is an experimental music and visual trio.

Their work combines both experimental music and elements of visual art. The foundation of creative process is an audio-visual performance, which is performed to explore various links between the physical phenomena and matter, between different media and art forms: music, video projections, installations, spatial objects, light, motion art.

Sound composition combines ambient, electro, minimal, glitch styles and digitally transformed voice aesthetics. The focus is set on sound frequency, timbre characteristics and their changes. Characteristic of sound is based by atmospheric, multilayered, texturical meanings.

The visual aesthetic is developed by abstract, illusion, computer graphics images, minimal geometric shapes. The most important medium used for video projections is interactivity which is achieved by sensory and mapping technology.

The feeling and perception of space is important for each performance. It merges real and virtual / digital plane. Space, filled with sound, projections, objects, is perceived as an open, dynamic, active manipulation of the senses.

Audiovisual performances


Kaunas, Lithuania – RE.SONANS


Festival (CENTRAS’13), Kaunas, Lithuania – VERSUS

Festival (MEDIA ART DAYS), Kaunas, Lithuania – VERSUS


Festival (CENTRAS’12), Kaunas, Lithuania – SONAR

Festival (AURA’22), Kaunas, Lithuania – SONUS.LUX.UNUM

Anniversary (AURA 30), Kaunas, Lithuania – SONUS.LUX.UNUM


Festival (MEDIA ART DAYS), Kaunas, Lithuania – TEST

Festival (INSANITUS), Kaunas, Lithuania – TEST.DATA.TXT

Festival (LAISVĖS ALĖJA), Kaunas, Lithuania – DATA.TXT



Bonafide, Fluxus ministry

Night of culture, Fluxus ministry


Our works